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With us you can order safely and easily hermela.se If you change your mind, you can also change your order or make a cancellation. All products sold with us are adapted to the Swedish market.

We sell to over 20 countries and have our headquarters in London, UK

Customer service

We are a customer-friendly company and are very happy if you are satisfied and feel safe to shop with us. If any problem arises in connection with your purchase, we will always try to solve it with you in the best possible way. If a client is tried in the General Complaints Board, DYAN HOME EXTENDS will follow the board’s decision.

Prices and payment

All prices on hermela.se are inclusive of VAT. With us, you can choose from the following payment options:

Invoice Payment (Payson)
Online Payment
PayPal account
Direct payment (via bank)
Part payment (Payson)
More information and terms of payment can be found in Section 5. Payment in the terms of purchase.